24. Feb, 2021

Hellooooo 2021 and Good RIDDANCE 2020 !!!

The year that was... Trump and Covid, one has been eradicated (to remove or destroy utterly) and the other is mutating and continues to spread. Here in Sweden we continue to have an OPEN society but we also have restrictions in place - Finally ! Vaccination's have begun, starting with the elderly and those in the health system who are front runners and hero,s in my world !
As for me, Well I'm fine - Despite losing my job ! Right now i have a new job lined up, and all going well, I hope to be working again in June this year - Fingers crossed.

When is a good time to sell that Abu fishing reel, thats just lying around ???  RIGHT NOW s the answer!!!.  Due to covid, there are many people at home that are spending more time than ever on the internet. So if you have a bunch of old reels just lying around the place, sell them instead whilst you can. Covid wont be around forever (Lets hope) and neither will your potiential buyers!