25. Jun, 2020

Covid 19

Hello all you Abu freaks out there. I hope you are keeping safe and well under these weird times! I have noticed that the number of visitors have been increasing over the last 4 months or so and just now the number of unique visits is sitting around just over 10,000 per month. For a small niche website, Im happy its growing...

I would love some feedback from you the visitors about what more you would like to see on this site ? You can emai me at reelhunter@live.com

And i want to apologise to ALL you visitors who have emailed me over the last few months, because I have not had the time to reply to anyone, as I have some personal stuff going on in my life right now, and throw in Covid 19 crisis here in Sweden, well its just a bad year !!  Anyways, please dont be offended if I have not answered your mail. I just dont have the time time right now..   Tight Lines to everyone - Pete (Reelhunter)