19. Mar, 2019

Ambassadeur 5000 with Clicker

First... I am not a collector. I am a garage/estate sell junky. I bought a fishing tackle box at a storage sell. I wasn't allowed to open it, until I bought it. Stupid I know. Inside were a whole bunch of lures, and some reels. Two of the reels were ambassadeur 5000's. One has a clicker button on the side, and the other does not. Given that the condition on both are about the same, my question is, is one worth more than the other, because of the clicker?


Hi Bill... Without seeing the reels, I cant give you an accurate answer ! There are so many variations of Ambass. 5000 reels, however I can tell you that the Amb.5000 with the clicker is probably an Ambassadeur 5000 B model. My statistics show me that the 5000B does sell for more, but again, without knowing anything about your reels, I cant give you any more info.