16. Nov, 2016

New Zealand vs Sweden

October 2016. (Video is one I took on a road trip here in Sweden -Pretty Awesome River Ah !)
Another question I get asked occasionally from swedish fishermen is how different is the fishing in N.Z compared to here in Sweden... Hmmm, Pretty damm BIG is my answer!

I have lived most of my life in my beautiful country - New Zealand. N.Z is surrounded by ocean, and we are spoiled with the abundance of fish and marine life in our ocean. N.Z also has some fantastic river and lake fishing. Trophy fish like the Big Brown Trout, Salmon and even some severely overweight rainbows can still be caught today.

But for me, anything and everything to do with fishing, happened in the sea. Not surprising really as we lived very close to the sea ! As i mentioned above, the choice of fishing seemed endless..
What do I want to catch today ?
Blue Cod, Trevally, King Fish, Snapper, John Dory, Kahawai, Paua, Crayfish and so on... The list is long!

It was not until I moved to Sweden, that lake and river fishing took over. Also not surprising either if you see how many lakes there are...

(Info from Wikipedia)
Sweden has over 97,500 lakes larger than 2 acres (8,100 m2), so the list is not comprehensive. 16 Major Rivers exist in Sweden, but there are also hundreds of minor rivers that can also be fished.

As you see, no matter where you live in Sweden, you are never far away from a lake or river! And in many of these lakes and rivers, you will find Abborre (similar to Perch) Gädda (Similar to a Northern Pike) Gös (Walleye) Härr (Grayling) Röding (Artic Char) and of course the Mighty Salmon. There are of course other species, but for me, these species appear to be the most targeted food fish for the many thousands of fishermen here in Sweden.

So, to answer the question about how different the fishing is between the countries, I would have to say, it's like "chalk and cheese". In Sweden, regardless of whether you fish in the ocean, rivers or lakes, you can get away with having 1-2 reel / rod combo's. An Abu Ambassadeur 5000, 5500, 6500, 6600, 7000 or 7500 will handle the heaviest fish Sweden has to offer, whilst the smaller Abu reels in general take care of the rest. If I was going to fish in N.Z, the minimum reel I would take with me, would be the Abu 7000 or 7500. These would easily handle the BIG species lurking in the lakes and rivers, but they would probably be useless with a lot of the monster fish in the sea... And before anyone says "rubbish" I base this on one very important issue... Nylon fishing line! I know, I know - Why not use a good braid ? Answer - Nylon breaks down much quicker than braid, so is more environmentally friendly! I know that braided lines ar far superior but that's another issue for another day ;)