Abu Ambassadeur 1500 CDL

30 April 2017 - Abu Ambassadeur 1500 CDL Sold for $611 USD. (53 bids)

ABU Ambassadeur 2500 CDL Napp & Nytt.

30 April 2017 - Abu Ambassadeur 2500 CDL Napp & Nytt (Tight Lines) Sold for $733 USD. (43 bids)

In 2008 the Swedish version of Tight Lines (Napp&Nytt) Celebrated 60 years by producing a limited edition of 250 Abu Ambassadeur Napp och Nytt 2500 CDL reels.

Abu Ambassadeur 5000 CDL

07 May 2017 - Abu Ambassadeur 5000 CDL Sold for $426 USD. (47 bids)

Possibly Unused in the description ?

15 May 2017, another 5000 CDL sold for $462

ABU Ambassadeur CDL (Cognac XO Edition)

Ambassadeur CDL Gold Reel (Cognac XO Edition) Only 285 examples of this nice collectors set exist. 17 bids were placed and the set sold for $447.

Abu Ambassadeur Gold Collection

06 Jan 2019

Abu Ambassadeur 3500 CDL. Mint set which attracted 87 bids, selling for $515. This set was limited to 500 reels, and they were sold as part of the GOLDEN COLLECTION in the early 90s. Probably the most EXPENSIVE ABU COLLECTION EVER..  In total there were 9 reels (1500, 2500, 3500, 4600, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 C Deluxe, 10000C Deluxe and a ) and of course the beautful Wooden Glass Case, which they were housed in. The entire set (9 reels and cabinet) were initally put out to auction with a starting bid of 58,000 Swedish Crowns or $6,484 USD, but was not sold. So sadly, like many others who owned these sets, they were sold off indivdually one by one. Even the empty wooden-glass cabinet was sold seperate. 

I have just found another COMPLETE set on the internet (Brand New) and its all yours for the small amount of $75,000 SWEDISH CROWNS or $8,386 USD. Anyone gotta spare $8000 USD lying around... give me a call ;)

Abu Ambassadeur Gold Collection - Complete

Here is the answer to your question Mr. Rod Cameron !

This is the complete set of the Abu Ambassadeur Gold Collection and its all yours for the small price of $6,484 USD (75,000 Swedish Crowns)... 

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 SDL salmon salar special edition

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 SDL salmon salar special edition

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 SDL salmon salar special edition

December 2018

Abu Ambassadeur 6500 SDL salmon salar special edition. The Reel did not reach the reserve price ! There were only 50 of these produced. According to the seller, the reel was as new, and never used.

Abu Ambassadeur_Orrefors Akvavit_Sold for $516

Abu Ambassadeur_Orrefors Akvavit_Sold for $516. A beautiful set, only 250 made.

Abu Ambassadeur 8000 CDL guldrulle 2 Speed $525

20 Jan 2019

Part of the Golden Collection. Unfortuneatly most collectors cant afford to pay around 6-8 thousand USD, to buy the entire set of 9 reels, which also  include a beauiful wooden glass display cabinet. So unfortuneatly, these sets are split up as the seller sells them one by one,

This was the Abu Ambassadeur 8000 CDL - 2 Speed which attracted 106 bids and sold for $525